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6 steps To safe soulful cleansing

Step 1 (24 Hours Before)


Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Avoid processed sugars, poultry, beef and starches. 

Step 2 (3 Hours Before)


Avoid eating food 3 hours before session. Drink 24/32 ounces of PURIFIED water. 

Step 3 (3 Hours After)


Avoid eating food 3 hours after session. Consume herbal tea, water and electrolyte drinks. 

Step 4 (24 Hours After)


We recommend avoiding solid foods 24 hours after session. Smoothies, protein shakes, raw fruit & vegetable juices, vegetable soups and purées are great options. 

Step 5 (Probiotics)


Take 20/30 Billion CFU’s of Friendly Bacteria within 12 hours after session. All probiotics are not created equal. We sell high quality professional brand probiotics. 

Step 6 (How Often)


If you are just getting started, or trying to kick start a healthy lifestyle regimen, we recommend 4 sessions in a 21 day period.  For maintenance we recommend 1 session approximately every 21 days.